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SOCIETAL, briefly

Scris de: REPER21


We strengthen the organisations which are part of our network by endowing them with instruments and by training their teams to carry out projects with a high degree of quality and responsibility.

Our main references are, at normative level, Europe 2020 strategy (which promotes «intelligent, inclusive and sustainable» projects) and, at managerial level, the international standards of Societal Responsibility (ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative).


It is only through the « triple performance » - economic, environmental and social, that our projects can help the Europeans to overcome the current crisis through integrated and efficient solutions, which do not ignore any of these three spheres.

In order to identify these solutions, Societal counts on education! Why? Because, before anything else, our teams have to climb a steep learning curve. However, for the majority of our organisations, the nose gear of the airplane begins to lift from the ground, but the aircraft has not yet taken off.


We place ourselves within the framework of EU & national programmes in order to assist the beneficiaries who seek to break down the priorities and objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy into operational measures and indicators at the concrete level of each project.

At first, our organisations « launch » into Societal Responsibility because they are aware of the role they can play in its promotion. Afterwards, with the instruments and the support of the Societal network, they will progressively build up on the field their Societal Responsibility, adapt it to their activities and train their teams.


At the organisational level, Societal improves the strategic planning, as well as the operational planning of its partners.

At the individual level, Societal systematically strengthens the transversal and specific competencies that everybody needs in order to identify his/her own needs, to plan, cooperate, implement, evaluate and improve his/her contribution to Societal Responsibility.





REPER21 launched and developed the Societal network in partnership with the Romanian Agency which is in charge with the management of the Erasmus+ program.

Between 2010 – 2013, Societal benefited from the financing of the Social European Fund (FSE). Up to now, our main results are:

A management method for Societal Responsibility based on the main international standards (ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative), but simplified and adapted to the needs and structure of not-for-profit projects ;
  • 20 pilot projects, financed through Grundtvig and Youth in Action programmes, which tested out our responsible management method during their implementation ;
  • 80 « Societal managers » who learned the method during the implementation of the pilot projects and thanks to a training program ;
  • More than 800 members, employees and volunteers in the organisations which took part in the seminars and workshops organized by Societal in all regions of Romania ;
  • The Societal Responsibility Methodology  of several Romanian cultural festivals which Societal has reunited in a smaller specific network called «Responsible Event» ;
  • The Societal Responsibility Methodology  in the candidacy form which helped the city of Cluj-Napoca obtain the title of «European Capital of Youth 2015».

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