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Conferinta Ecoimpuls

Data: 25.10.2012 - 26.10.2012

Eco Industrial Parks



The current industrial economic system is characterised by varioyus environmental impacts and economical risks: scarcity of non-renewable resources, emissions to the environment, land use and loss of biodiversity, impacts on human health and society. Since the middle of the 19th century, industrial activities are grouped in specific areas in order to isolate them from cities or agricultural area and to reduce the diffusion of pollutants. These locations are called industrial area, park or estate, depending on their geographic scale.

Industrial Symbiosis is a part of Industrial Ecology which concentrates on the materials and energy flows trough local and regional economies.

Industrial Symbiosis engages separate and collaborative enterprise in which the by-products, waste and energy of one industry become valuable resources for one or several other industries. The overall result is of direct economic benefit to the companies involved and widespread environmental benefit to the surrounding region. Despite its obvious relevance to regional science, economic geography, and urban economics, the issue is only beginning to be addressed.

By 1998, Kalundborg could already boast that internal collaboration between industries had amounted to savings of 160 million dollars since the project’s outset

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